About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom with an engineering background who likes to cook much much more than I like to clean. I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember. When I was little I would cook with my Mom – mostly desserts. When I was a teenager my mother went back to school and I was given the responsibility of cooking dinner most nights. I haven’t stopped cooking. I also have been taking pictures of food for almost as long – meals I’ve cooked, parties I’ve had and meals at restaurants, especially on vacation. I even married a guy who likes cooking, eating and taking pictures of food as much as I do. Frequently we’ll cook together for our “at home date nights”. When I joined Facebook I started posting all those food pictures. After getting numerous requests for recipes plus pleads to start giving cooking lessons I decided to start this blog.

Some of my cooking is quick & easy weeknight recipes; some is more labor-intensive, but not difficult, weekend recipes. I get inspiration from my 200+ cookbooks, cooking magazines & the Internet. I like to try new recipes, especially on guests. I also LOVE to have themes to my meals. Most of my recipes are “from scratch” and use few processed items – no canned cream of XYZ soups here. My two boys (teen & preteen) are definitely spoiled in this regard and have become young food snobs. Additionally, I have a strong Type A personality (see “engineering background” above) and continually refine & modify recipes (I have been known to spend hours researching the best tuna fish salad sandwich recipe).

I hope you enjoy my pictures and my recipes.

— Suzanne


6 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I figured you’d see my updates on FB. It was a very spur-of-the-moment decision. At least it’s giving me something to do with all my free time. Ha! I’m hoping to increase my frequency and become more consistent with updates when the boys go back to school.

  1. Just looked at your blog for the first time. It’s beautiful and beautifully written…clear and understandable. I’m so proud of you that I’m going to forward to my friends!

  2. Suzanne, it was so nice meeting you at our shop today. Sorry you lost your earring….love your blog! Thanks for making us aware of it. If you don’t mind, I would love to add some of your recipes on our website. Our customers are always looking for new ways to use our oils and vinegars. Love the fact that you start from scratch. Take care.

    • Suzanne & Deborah – I LOVED visiting your oil & vinegar shop and I am planning on doing a blog post about it soon (I’ve got another food-related project in the works that has been taking my time in the last month). I would be delighted for you to add some of my recipes onto your website.

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