Summery Risotto

This is my very first blog post about the food & recipes that I enjoy and want to share with you.

Last night hubby and I had one of our “at home date nights”. Since we both enjoy cooking, we’ll feed the boys early and send them down to the basement and then spend a relaxing evening cooking, drinking wine and then eating. That was our plan for last night but hubby got back late from mountain biking so I did the prep work and some of the cooking before he got home. I’ve been saying for some time that the “next” time we do a cooking date night I want to cook risotto. However, when I think risotto, I think cold-weather comfort food. So, I went looking for a summery risotto and found one at Fine Cooking. It’s Risotto with Corn, Tomatoes & Basil and the recipe can be found here. Of course I modified it.

Summery Risotto Dinner

Summery Risotto Dinner

You’d pay a pretty penny for that dish anywhere. And, it really wasn’t that hard.

Cut the kernels off two small ears of corn. Place in a glass bowl & microwave about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes or until just barely warm. (note: this where I deviated from the recipe) Mince one shallot and saute in oil over medium heat until translucent. Warm broth in a separate pan.

Add Arborio rice to shallots and sauté until most of the grains have turned an opaque, milky white.

Add white wine and barely simmer until the wine is absorbed, stirring occasionally. Check the time when you add the wine.

Add one ladleful of broth and cook until absorbed, stirring occasionally. Continue adding single ladlefuls of broth and simmering until absorbed until about 15 minutes have passed since you added the white wine.

Add the corn and continue adding broth as before.

Meanwhile, dice up a large tomato and combine with a little extra virgin olive oil and salt & pepper. Tear up a handful of basil leaves and add to the tomatoes.

Continue adding broth until it’s all been added to the rice. Turn off the heat and mix in tomato mixture and a bunch of grated Parmesan (freshly grated is way better).

We served it with some shrimp that hubby cooked on the grill. The meal was amazing and now I have the perfect summery risotto.


2 thoughts on “Summery Risotto

  1. LOVE your Blog: pictures, recipes and commentary!! Many thanks for some wonderful new ideas. I have shared with many friends…. even sending this to my son & his wife in South Africa, who enjoy gourmet food.

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